I developed the Persuasesm training program after selling my successful advertising company and realizing that most business people do not have enough training in sales and persuasion skills.   I wasn’t comfortable with most of the sleazy sales techniques I had heard about, I just wanted to be able to make my case to customers in a way that I could be proud of. It turns out many other people feel the same way which is what has led to the development of The Persuasesm Training Program.

It’s hard to believe but I now have thirty years experience starting and growing businesses of my own and consulting other companies in ways to increase sales and maximize their effectiveness.  To be successful in business you have to be convincing, and that’s what Persuasesm Training is all about.  You learn how to make your case in a way that is consistent with your values. You’ll also get our proven time management program which makes sure prospects never fall through the cracks and will give you a blue print for building your lifelong network of successful contacts. Most important, you learn by doing so you get an actual mentor to coach you and help you perfect your pitch.

I put everything into this program that I wish I’d had when I was starting out in business. It would have saved me years of heartache and millions of dollars of lost opportunity. Even if sales  is not your business, you still have to know how to effectively get your points across to clients and associates. Persuasesm helps you be convincing.

~ David Hemenway
Creator of Persuasesm Training

  • “The Persuase program and mentoring I received have been invaluable in my role as a frontline fundraiser. It has helped me build my case when soliciting donors for financial support and it has also given me the confidence to pick up the phone with the goal of setting meetings. I highly recommend development professionals working with Persuase to hone their skills.”
    - Christopher Pinault, Tufts University
  • "The training I got was invaluable. I wouldn’t be at this job without the skills I learned…"
    - Richard Andrade, Clear Channel Communications
  • "My mentor gave me the tools I needed to succeed from day 1!"
    - Marketing Director, Creative Circle Advertising
  • "I learned everything I needed to know about sales from this program…"
    - Deidre Feeney
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