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Maximize Sales and Minimize Costs

SALES STRATEGY - Align your value proposition with what your prospects really want to buy. Approach prospects you never thought you could reach.  Develop relationships you never thought possible.  We devise strategies to create sales and marketing partnerships that are ideally suited to your organization.

RECRUITMENT - Identify and vet the right sales talent to join your organization.  We’ll help you recruit talent with expert attention to cultural fit, experience, and price range.   

TRAINING - Eliminate the trial period with our university-level sales training program. We’ll help you build and train a sales team that will begin producing on Day One.  We cover prospecting, presenting, CRM, testimonial selling, and much more.

INVESTMENT - Persuase is led by angel investor David Hemenway, who is always looking for opportunities where sales and marketing experience can make a tangible difference for entrepreneurs.


For Entrepreneurs

Startup enterprises are some of the most exciting ventures, but they come with very particular sales and marketing challenges. As founders of multiple enterprises, we can help avoid the pitfalls.  Most entrepreneurs make the same mistakes when it comes to sales.  Beginning with pitching a story different from the one investors, customers, and potential employees want to hear. 

• learn to pitch investors

• build sales into startup strategy

• hone & shape your message

Non-Profits & Fundraisers

For enterprises with a mission, it is essential that your fund-raising strategy be consistent with your values.  And it is essential that your values be reflected in a sales strategy—even if you don’t think of it as “sales.”

• reaching donors

• sales skills for non salespeople

• building on your mission

• identifying new opportunities

Persuase Success stories

Sales Strategy


"They have a key insight to an opportunity and partnership that might have been overlooked.  In addition, they have that second critical component--they're able to act on that insight and follow through all the way to closing." 

- Liam Lynch, Executive Chairman, Irish Studio -



“Persuase training was invaluable.  I would not be here today without it.  "My mentor taught me everything I needed to know about starting a new position and then stayed with me and helped me through the rough times. The training was invaluable."

- Rick Andrade, Sales Manager, WHJY -



"David Hemenway and his team have had an immeasurable impact on our young business.  As a result, we've increased our billables two-fold, sharply grown our number of repeat customers, and are on track to have our best year yet."

- Rob Higley, President/Sr. Brand Manager, Reveal Consulting Group -



"Working with David has allowed me to progress from an entry-level sales development rep to a business development manager in less than two years.  Persuase accelerated my sales career and I would recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their sales skills and close more deals."

- Lindsey Hamel, Business Development Manager, ExecOnline -



“David has been an invaluable asset to our team since our early days.  He is able to offer insight on both marketing and sales and has been instrumental in helping us find creative ways to expand our brand footprint.  He makes himself readily available to entrepreneurs, providing both quality and reliable guidance.” 

- Rachel Trobman, Founder/CEO, Upside Health -



"The PersuaseProgram and mentoring I received have been invaluable for my work as a fundraiser. It helped me build my case when soliciting donors for support and it has given me confidence to pick up the phone with the goal of setting meetings. I highly recommend development professional work with Persuaseto hone their skills."

- Chris Pinault, Assistant Director of Tufts Fund for the Arts, Sciences, and Engineering -


Make It Here Without Being Here

Outsource With Persuase

Build a sales presence or reach investors in the world’s largest market without setting up an office in one of the world’s most expensive cities.  We know New York.  And we can help you tap into New York from wherever you are. 


David Hemenway, Founder

In a crowded, competitive market, sales and 

marketing is often the key differentiator.  To be

blunt, no idea is so great that it “sells itself.”

As an entrepreneur, consultant and angel investor, 

I’ve seen solid concepts stumble for lack of 

sales and marketing plans.  And I’ve seen some 

more speculative business ideas succeed because

they had well-conceived and executed sales


Whether your business plan seems like a natural

fit in the market or implies true disruption, your

success depends on telling a good story.

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